Saturday, 1 July 2017

Update On FUTO ICT Fire Outbreak: It Was Due To Electrical Malfunction - Security men


Today, the 30th day of June, 2017 has turned into another #Black_Friday @ the Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO) as the Information & Communication Technology Center Went Ablaze.

The Fire Outburst started at about 8:05am this morning from Computer Laboratory on the extreme right hand side of the building.

According to FUTO INFOSCOPE 
One of the Security men on duty told
"When i came for work this morning around 7:30am there was Electric Power So I decided to charge my phone because I had a flat battery. Suddenly the Electric Power Supply was disrupted and was restored within 6 minutes. At this time, I started perceiving the smell of smoke but was still confused where the odour must be coming from, an idea came to my head to go outside and check then I went outside and checked. I saw massive smoke emanating from the Zinc covering the right hand side of the building, still confused I had to run upstairs to check the cause, then most of the ICT workers weren't yet available in their various offices so the building was kind of empty.
My God I noticed fire coming out from a Junction box then I concluded it's Electric Apparatus Malfunction.

I started calling for help, there was no Fire Extinguisher available for me to use, enough water wasn't even in the Gee Pee Tank then. The next thing I noticed was explosion in the Lab upstairs that was how the fire started spreading.

As the fire continued burning, then some of the workers has arrived and everyone joined hands to carry out all working equipments of the ICT center including the Students.
Some top Officials came to help too both from the ICT and the Senate, the Fire Service Commission was contacted immediately because the fire got out of control.
The Fire Service Commission arrived around 9:10am and immediately they started putting off the fire and within 25 minutes, the Fire was Quenched!!".

So far Over 130 Desktop Computers with their UPS Machine, Stabilizer, and Air Conditioner System etc was destroyed by the fire.

We Suggest the School Management to send Technical Experts to the Information and Communication Technology Center to detect the main source of the fire outbreak and to enlist measures to prevent it from occurring again.

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