Tuesday, 4 July 2017

This Lady Can't Keep Calm After Being Engaged By Her Boyfriend Of 5-months. PICS

 A Nigerian lady who can't contain her excitement after being engaged by her boyfriend of 5 months - has got herself trending online. The young lady shared photos from her surprise engage party where her partner proposed to her. After saying YES to him, she took too her social media page to share the good news. Congratulations to her. Below is what she wrote;

And I said yes to forever with this beautiful soul...you came into my life and showed me why it never worked out with anyone else... 5 months together and you knew I was the one... being with you has changed my life in unimaginable ways I can't even understand myself...

A man who puts God first, A man that never want to see me sad... A man who made me his number one priority.... U understand me better than I understand myself.....I wanna go on and on but let me not bore you guys... I am so Blessed to av you as a partner....

Tnx so much for seeing me perfect even when I know I'm not... #gratefulheart #taken #offthemarket #jesusbaby #jesusjunkie #instacute #instalike

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