Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Ruggedman Busted Following And Liking A Local Porn Star's Photos On Instagram

When will this guy go and marry. He's closing up on 50, he doesn't have a baby mama and he's always saying women are not meeting up to his standard. What standard are you laying down? Mr RUGGED.

To now make matters worse, he's always on social media forming Chairman, hosting young people to dinner and chastising others that he considered wayward through their choice of dressing.

If you remember the other day, Ruggedman uploaded a photo of a lady scantily dressed and called her stupid.

Well our Holy Celebrity has been busted following a local pornography star and liking almost all her photos on Instagram.

The lady goes by the name @peace_olayemi and she is one of the new recruits of naija porn actor, T-black. She was featured in one of his recent shoots in the Lekki Flood.

Ruggedman seems to have forgotten that monitoring spirits like us are everywhere.


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