Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Viral photos: Strippers show off huge amount of money they made in just one night

 It’s a fact that sex sells. These revealing photos you are about to see below show just how much.

The photos are from backstage at a strip club and were shared by a group of professional strippers who are seen literally pouring out sackfuls of dollar bills after a lucrative night disrobing.

To them, they are enjoying the fruits of a night’s work.

Strippers show off

The cheeky photo series include a dancer balancing a stack of neatly-tied dollars on her derriere while another carries the evening’s earnings home in a plastic bin bag.

Another performer stares straight down the barrel of the camera lens while holding hefty fans of greenbacks by her hips.

Elsewhere, a stripper offers a defiant two-fingered salute while laying down on a floor of money while a smiling dancer holds a huge wad of money between the legs of a colleague.

See all the photos below:

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