Saturday, 3 June 2017

‘I prefer sex in the shower than car’ – Ghanaian Gospel musician, Celestine

When it comes to the issue of sex, people have their favourite sex positions and where they love to engage in the act, and this is certainly not different with Gospel artiste, Celestine Donkor as she says, she will at anytime opt for sex in the shower than getting intimate in a car.
Speaking on Joy FM, the Gospel artiste when asked to choose her preferences when it comes to sex in the shower or in the car, quickly picked the shower.

Talking about how she copes with Men of God hitting on her daily, Celestine Donkor said she is not amazed at such advances because her interactions with some of these pastors show they are denied sex at home.
“People are human, pastors are humans too; Anyone can fall short. Everybody has his or her weakness,” she told Joy FM.
Celestine Donkor further revealed that she has ‘cursed’ her husband such that if he tries to do anything with another woman his manhood will be stuck in any lady he sleeps with.
She is an anointed minstrel of God, a preacher, motivational speaker and a women positivist.
Currently she is a praise and worship leader as well as the school of worship facilitator at the International Central Gospel Church in Ghana.
For Celestine, life is meaningful when it is dedicated and committed to the service of the Lord.” For this reason I count it a blessing to be a servant of the Lord. I love Jesus, he is the best thing that happened to my life.”
She has featured on albums of several hits and has 3 albums to her

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