Monday, 26 June 2017

Beautiful singer Niyola goes nude, writes on what being a Queen means

EME first lady, Niyola, has taken to Instagram to school her fans on what being a Queen entails, while sharing a nude photo in which she covered her assets with her hands. According to the singer, it is not Queenly to have an unbridled tongue and a lousy attitude.

She went further to disclose that being rude doesn’t make you tough, rather it makes you classless. Here’s what she wrote;

!A Queen is a king maker , not just the wife of a king o ! she bears the princess and prince who is to become king and SHE prepares him to be king all his life . She has a whole community look up to her to learn and emulate .
A Queen protects , exudes Grace , honour , RESPECT, self control , wisdom ! What you are clad in doesn’t make you queen , not even a crown . Being royal is innate . It is NOT queenly to have an unbridled tongue and a lousy attitude .

Being rude doesn’t make you seem tough , it makes you RUDE and classless ! #nuffsaid#dontwonderwhyipostedit#takefromitwhatyouwill photo credit @remiadetiba”
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