Monday, 29 May 2017

The Best And Only Way The Federal Government Can Stop Nnamdi Kanu Before It's Too Late

I have been a locker on Nairaland for years but I cannot be quiet anymore because I and millions of others might lose our jobs in Port Harcourt with the momentum seen with IPOB/Biafra restoration since Nnamdi Kanu release. I never believed for a while that IPOB could ever penetrate South South, particularly Rivers state. I work here as an oil worker and I'll be honest with you all: IPOB/Biafra has taken over Rivers state particularly Port Harcourt...everywhere you go its IPOB. Anyone telling you that IPOB/Biafra is a SE/Igbo affair is deceiving you. We here on gorund know what's happening here. It's not just Igbos, it's Ikwerre, Urhobo, Ishekiri, Annang, Ibibio, you name it!

As a concern citizen, I think Federal government should as a matter of emergency move to counteract Nnamdi Kanu before this gets out of hand because after May 30th, things will never be the same with Nigeria. You cannot stop this movement by force, anyone advising you to use force is deceiving you. The people following Nnamdi Kanu are not fools; this people, as with us know that Nigeria is a failure especially with the marginalization of SE, and some areas with SS. This is not the time to debate on if the fault is from the leaders of SE or SS, no, rather time for the Federal government to act immediately by implementing these measures below to pacify and make these young men abandon Kanu.

Federal government must do these:

1. Declare May 30th, Biafra Memorial Day and ask the Senate to pass it as a law that every May 30th will be a public holiday. On this May 30th, acting President Osinbanjo will lead the commemoration of all Biafran fallen heroes and heroines, by laying a wreath at the National Square Abuja in their memory. Celebrate it like we do with Nigeria Airforces Remembrance Day. Biafran Fallen Heroes and Heroines are human too like their Nigerian counterpart.
2. A committee should be set up by the Presidential Executive Council to go to SE and fact-find on all federal roads that need repair, expansion, and construction of new roads where needed.
3. All seaports and Riverport in SS and SE; Port Harcourt, Onne, Calabar, Warri and Onitsha should be reopened, funded and allowed to function to full capacity without interference.
4. All International Airports in SE and SS; Port Harcourt, Calabar, Enugu and Asaba should be funded and allowed to function to full international airport standard like Lagos and Abuja.
5. Earmark funds to support local manufacturers in Aba, Onitsha and Nnewi.
6. Most importantly, restructure the oil and gas industry, where states will be allowed to managed their oil and gas resource, and pay tax to the center.
7. Fix the lopsided appointments by Buhari, and ensure that SE, SW, SS, NC, NW, and NE are evenly represented.
8. Do away with quota system in our educational system, and let students who score high marks reap the benefits of their labor.
9. Disarm Fulani and restrict their movements to the North only.
10. All government offices and agencies must have at least one office in Enugu, Calabar or Port Harcourt.
11. All foreign consulate and visa processing centers must have at least one office in Enugu, Calabar or Port Harcourt.
12. Assure them of a new Nigeria in the horizon, and things will be better, and more restructuring will be made in the coming months as more consultations are done.

I ASSURE YOU, MAJORITY OF SE AND SS will abandon Nnamdi Kanu within 48 hrs. These people actually prefer Nigeria than Biafra, so will work with Federal government on a reasonable arrangement and fulfillment of the conditions above. YOU CAN NEVER EVER WIN THIS BATTLE WITH IPOB WITH FORCE...NEVER! YOU MUST USE SENSE; THEIR AGITATION IS BASED ON SERIOUS MARGINALIZATION.


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