Monday, 1 May 2017

How To Know You Are Chatting With The Wrong Girl on Social Media (Whatsapp Chat)

It was a boringnoon, the weather was really terrible, I got hold of my phone just to ease the boredom. while scrolling through some messages on whatsapp, I met this Joana on a group chat though.

I was caught up with her beautiful face on her profile so I fell in love. I added her to my other accounts. we had a chitchat about ourselves, she even sent me pictures.

I wanted her badly so I used my real account to know her too well. Ooops i got the shock of my life. Her story was different now, instead of her usual age, 20, she turned out to be 30 and claimed to be motherless left with an unhealthy dad. I got pissed, it was obvious that i shamed her.

 So I decided to come up with this : How To  Know  You Are Chatting With The Wrong Girl on Social Media;

You have a crush on this girl and want her badly yet you are not convinced about her. Here are ways of knowing she is the wrong one.

1 She seldom put her pictures on profile: Fake girls try to cover up tracks. Her pictures are usually blurred or a side view of her image. ignore the I don't like putting my pics crap.

2. When you ask for her picture, she will be like I  don't send my pics to strangers. Its obvious you don't want to see that trick.

3. She portrays bitchy attitudes in her chats. she forms expensive babe, retorts to flatter and uses world like duh, oops, yuck.

4. Tricky is on of her features: She's good in story. Telling stories  that could make a dead man rise. Be mindful when your eyes gets wetly. her charms has gotten to you.

5. Flimsy excuses thrives in fake ones: when you ask her out, she comes up with am busy, it cant work, some other times stories. Trust me she's no good

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