Friday, 12 May 2017

Pato's Gist Reader of the Month ₦5,000 giveaway is here! (SEE DETAILS)


Ladies and Gentlemen! The whole group is pleased to declare that beginning from today, 13th May, 2017 we are propelling our Reader of the Month giveaway!!!

Rounds of commendation please!

This means - As starting now and into the foreseeable future, we'll be choosing ONE of you, our readers that comment  on the blog, to be our Reader of The Month.

Every Winner will win ₦5,000.

Winner will be picked by Fellow readers for being the MOST


Fellow readers will do the designations and vote in favor of whoever's remarks made them giggle for the Month of April.

We will likewise be taking after each remark to guarantee this month May 2017's Reader of the Month goes without hitch and we'd remunerate the winner with ₦5,000.

It would be ideal if you take note of that - If you're going after the "Most Consistent/Hilarious Commenter of the Month of May", you must be ORIGINAL, and your remark MUST RELATE TO THE POST!!

Along these lines, dearies, You can begin today to contend.

To take part, you should simply COMMENT!!

Remark ought to dependably identify with the post...and obviously, ensure you read, process and comprehend the news first.

Wanna be our Fan of the month for this May? Basic!

All you require do is to make commitments (comments) on our stages (Facebook Posts or Blog Posts) and you could stand an opportunity to get ₦5,000 on the off chance that you comment on the blog, ₦2,500 in the event that you comment on our Facebook page.

We simply need to welcome all of you for being a piece of us! Cheerful remarking!

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