Thursday, 4 May 2017

How My Blood Sister Treated My Wife! What Should I Do?

Good morning to all romancelanders
This story am about to share is a real life story
And I would be very glad for matured comments and advice before things goes out of hand
I happens to be the only male child of my family
I got married in the year 2012 to my wife that we were both from the same state Ondo state
Lost my dad few years ago

I lived in oke mosan in Abeokuta
I relocated to Abeokuta with my wife from Osun state when my Dad goes to a great beyond that was 3 years ago.
I changed my job and decided to stay around my mum in her house built by my Dad for sometime before renting my own house so as to ensure that she is not lonely.
I started living in the house for the past two years now with my wife and my baby son who is 3 years now

I have 3 sisters and all of them are married with kids
But I have this one very wicked, stubborn and hard hearted very crucial sister out of my sisters called Funke.
She happens to be our third born while am the last born.
She always feel so proud, possessive,bossy and always wants to take charge of any Affair in the family
She has been like that since her childbirth
She can talk to anybody anyhow,several times she abused my dad in his lifetime. I thought she would change when she get married but this irritating and rabid character keeps growing in her.
To cut the long story short

About 3 weeks ago she came to Abeokuta from lagos where she lives with her husband to visit our mum

And anytime she comes visiting it's quarrel,fights and arguments all of the time

She quarrel with anyone she sees around and most times she took on my innocent wife

So when my mum told me she is coming to stay for a week in the house I told my mum I will move out to rent a guest house for a week till she go back to Lagos because there is no Time she comes and she doesn't fight .
She has disgraced the family enough in our neighborhood so I don't want such to repeat itself

My mum discarded my opinion and assured me there won't be problem.
As if I know, Third day she arrived she came up with her attitude by shouting on everybody in the house
She picked up a serious quarell with me even in the area and started abusing me in the presence of neibors calling me different names, some elderly men came to settle the quarell.
During the duo... She cursed my wife in Yoruba and my wife in her presence returned the curse that it shall not be so in Jesus name.
My sister hearing that bounced on my wife and hit her in the nose and bite her..... In the process my wife got annoyed and bites her on her ear too blood was everywhere both from my wife nose and my sisterr outer ear.
I was having exams that day so after the fight I left the house with my wife and she was to return to her destination in lagos that same day.

As I was going out I locked my room with padlock and when we came back in the evening I was suprised what I saw.
My sister has broken the door to have access to my room....she carried away my wife certificates from her day one till present,and also my pictures from day one during my NYSC my wedding pics,and other important pictures, she wud have absconded with my certificates too if not that I took it to interview that morning.
The most painful and shocking thing she did after that
She bought a new blade and cut almost my wife clothes in the wardrobe and even my son clothes she pieces everything and destroyed my son toys

She even threatened my wife that she will go to to any length that she will separate us.
She has been running around on what she said
But I believe in Almighty God that I serve no evil shall befall me.

I reported her to some family members and up till now she is denying that she did not carry certificates and my photo album neither did she cut my wife clothes..

My wife have decided to take the case to police but the families are begging her to be patient but my sister is denying.... Am confused and don't know what to do next. Cos till now she is still denying and she said she can swear with Ogun or anything ... Pls save my family what should I do ?
I will appreciate you all for your comments.....
Thanks all

Source: Nairaland

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