Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Anthony Joshua remove Oluwafemi Olaseni From Your name, Nigeria Doesn't deserve you

Already the people's hero in his hometown the young British gained a whole new planet of admires as he stopped the legendary Wladimir Klitschko  in the 11th round of an epic world heavyweight title war.

A Nigerian man has taken to Instagram to share his pain about the way Nigerians are claiming Anthony Joshua after beating the Legendary Wladimir Klitschko.

Read what he said

I'm so irritated at the way Nigerians are claiming Anthony Joshua. abeg how has Nigeria or Nigerians helped him. When he was going in and out of prisons and courts where was Nigeria? I heard he even wanted to represent us in the Olympics we no gree, now  everybody is saying Nigerian born"

Where is our Samuel peters we were claiming. Where was Nigeria or Nigerians when his career was being frustrated by "Oyinbo pp" (I'm sure they don't even know). Nigerians mock his face after his fight with Klitschko, do u know he knocked out Klitschko 2/3 times in that bout and I believed was robbed by d unanimous decision going 2 Klitschko. Does anyone care where he is at the moment?

Have you heard of Ike Ibeawuchi? I bet 90% of u avent, well he was a heavy weight champion who knocked out evender holyfield and the 2 Klitschko brothers. like fight with Byrd  has d record for the most punches in a heavyweight 1730! In 5 rounds! like threw 973 of those, also a record for an individual in heavyweight boxing.  He was on course to being the next world champion until he was setup. Abeg how can someone "attempt" to  rape an an ashewo that came to ur room?. Well like was in jail for 14 years after his fight with Byrd for  "attempted" rape of a prostitute. How did Nigeria or Nigerians help him?

We are claiming Anthony Joshua, go to national stadium and see potentially great boxers and athletes in general rotting away with no hope. I train with them and sometimes I almost cry by the things I hear these potential greats going through. When they finally  make it through the hardship and succeed one human being wey brush wild be shouting UP NIGERIA!

Anthony Joshua If u get to read this please removed that Oluwafemi Olaseni from your name and fully represent U.K bcos this joke of a country doesn't deserve u. I wish u the best in ur career and congratulations once again.

What's your take on this? Share this until it gets to Nigerian government, We are really losing a lot!

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