Friday, 5 May 2017

5 Celebrity Marriages That Have Scaled Through Scandal

 There are still good relationships and successful marriages. Regardless of what social media or

society says about divorce, no matter the number of failed relationships, there are still some homes

to look up to as models and pick some lessons from.

Now, it is not like these marriages don’t experience some ups and downs. There is no perfect

relationship, no perfect person, there are people that are always ready to fight to make it work. This

is a list of some out of many celebrity marriages that has managed to scale through scandals.

1. Rmd& Jumobi

When talking about couples that are old and adorable together, you have to talk about this

couple first. It is so amazing how they have managed through for like 16 years. Never have I

heard anything scandalous about their relationship. Revealing the secret to her marital

success, Jumobi said that they have been able to keep it out of the preying eye of the public.

They don’t do red carpet, just to avoid unnecessary speculations.

2. Stephanie Okereke& Linus

Honest truth is, I love this adorable couple. Even if the marriage is just five years, it is worth

celebrating. There are so many celebrity marriages that actually didn’t last a year or two. We

admire how she has been able to balance and set a line between fame, wealth and marriage.

Give it to them any day.

3. Dakore Egbuson& Olumide Akande

Screen goddess Dakore has made people gush over the way she has stayed married through

the years. Despite she got married to a billionaire son, she has never let it get into her. It has

been a modest bliss. The two are so cute and adorable together. They got married in 2011, it

has been six years of awesomeness. Don’t you just love them.

4. Olu Jacob& Joke Silva

All hail the power couple. It wouldn’t be fair to exclude them from the list. The way they

have been able to stay married for like 30 years. They deserve a standing ovation. Living with

someone for that long in this part of the world is almost impossible. They are role models to

young couples, aspiring couples and many more. Despite they are both into acting, they

have managed to scale through scandals that comes with fame.

5. Desmond Elliot& Vicky

Actor turned politician has been married for like 12 years. Now that is amazing. Considering

the roles he plays in movies, the opportunity to be with ladies. This young and amazing actor

has stayed married with just one wife without any scandal. The couple managed to be out of

social media or every event. Their relationship is blessed with amazing kids.

These couples are amazing and we love the chemistry that still goes on between them. This

does not mean they don’t have issues in their homes, but they are able to sort out issues

amicably. They have successfully set a line between fame, wealth and their relationships.

Love is amazing and relationships like this should be appreciated.

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