Monday, 17 April 2017

EXPOSED! #BBNaija, Thin Tall Tony “WhatsApp Chat” With Bisola Leaked (Must See)

Saw we got this funny post and its trending… You shouldn’t miss this;

Last time we got TTT’s WhatsApp, his wife blocked him.
Bisola: TTT love …
Thin Tall Tony: Hello ma.
Bisola: Who is ma?
TTT: You ma.
Bisola: Which zone is that one that you are trying to put me now?
TTT: I’m just greeting you ma.
Bisola: You can’t even say you missed me, didn’t you see me cry for you on national TV when you got evicted?
TTT: Sorry ma, it was just a game.
Bisola: What game, we were always together during the show, shebi we kissed, enjoyed each other’s company, I shaved for you, washed your clothes, and even performed headies for you. What did I not do for you this man…
Bisola: I’m waiting for you to tell me that ring I saw you wearing yesterday was a fashion ring o …

TTT: Hmm, I’m sorry, but my wife said …
Bisola: You say?
TTT: My wife of many years ma.
Bisola: Which wife, where, when, how, when?
TTT: I’m sorry, I really liked you o, but it was just a game, my wife and I agreed on that strategy.
Bisola: Aye mi temi bami, But it was you who used your mouth to tell me that your whole family was dead.
TTT: My dear, to err is human, please forgive and forget. If I had told you I was married, you for no look my side na, so man gats package.
Bisola: Shut up dere! Tony, wo, wo, what of all the feelings we shared and hopes I had? How will I face all the viewers who were even pitying me?

TTT: Errm … we will grow a ‘friendly relationship’.
Bisola: You even said you liked your women big and black, were you not referring to me?
TTT: Ah no o, I was actually referring to my wife …
Bisola: Chai, and I for follow Bally if I had known , o, correct fine boy
TTT: But baby, we still share something, hope we can still be friends. I even campaigned for you after I left the house.
Bisola: Ta ni baby? Abi what is wrong with this one? Thunder fire you, Tony!
TTT: No dear please calm down, I’m calling you via WhatsApp call.
Please pick my calls …
TTT: Bisola …
TTT: Are you there?
TTT: Baby …
The number you’re trying to call is no longer available.

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  1. U sure say na their text b thid


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