Thursday, 9 March 2017

The 12 Qualities That Make Men Hot

Lets face it. Unless he’s got the Beckham’s genes there’s a good chance we’re judging more than just his looks. Qualities like intelligence, ambition, to dominance and wisdom can ALL make an average looking guy instantly hot, or well, not. Here are the best qualities that make men irresistible…

1. Ambition is $exy
A man with a plan and purpose is HOT. There’s nothing more $exy than seeing a man chase his dreams. It’s inspiring (not to mention extremely $exy).
2. He’s a funny guy
A guy who can laugh at himself and effortlessly make you laugh without offending anyone is the kind of man
every woman wants to be around. Like Marilyn once said: “If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything.”
3. He’s a listening ear
Finding a man who is willing to listen, respect and hear you out is a man worth investing
4. He’s dominant
But not the intimidating, machismo type! We’re talking about the decisive kinda man who knows what he wants. The type of guy who is willing to stand by you no matter what and look after you, just as you would for them. Hold on to him!
5. He’s loving
A man can tell you how much he loves you, but if he doesn’t show it, how will he convince you otherwise? Being with someone affectionate is comforting, reassuring and absolutely necessary. Who doesn’t love kisses and cuddles?
6. He’s a passionate person
There’s something captivating about a passionate man. Whether he’s into sports, books or loves talking politics being passionate about something reflects his own values and most importantly, his self-assurance. There’s nothing more attractive than a man who knows what he loves despite what anyone thinks.
7. He’s a bit of a nerd

We might’ve not been interested in nerdy types growing up but now, for us, intelligence is invaluable.
​Men who are intelligent are more likely to be successful in all areas of their life – including your relationship! Besides there’s nothing worse than a guy not getting your satirical jokes, right?
8. He’s spontaneous
Spontaneity is the spice of life! If you wanted to give up everything and just go live on a boat you need to know your man is going to be by your side. (Perhaps not that extreme though).
9. He’s a true gent
FYI women don’t like assholes. But this doesn’t mean we’re looking for the man that will hold every door open for us or bring us flowers unexpectedly (although we appreciate it).
​Being considerate to others, having good manners and taking good care of yourself is all apart of being a true gentlemen.
10. He’s self-less
A man who isn’t consumed by his own problems and status and actually makes an effort to put everyone else before himself… his hot radar just went from an average 6 to a $exy 10!
11. He’s wise
When a guy has a good perspective on life and has been through enough crap to know what he’s talking about – these partners give the best advice.
12. He loves kids
When a guy is comfortable with children and can cooly sit with them, goofing about and NOT get caught up about what a big kid he looks like. God, we love it.


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