Monday, 6 March 2017

OMG! See What Old Woman Is Doing To Teenage Boy In Private. Who Didn't See This?

 Love in an elevator! Huh...

viral video shows elderly woman locking lips with teenage boy inside elevator. boy pushed her away!
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surveillance footage showing a very creepy encounter between an elderly woman and a teenage boy in an elevator has gone viral on the internet. in the video, the woman took the boy by surprise when only two of them were in the lift. Little did she know there was surveillance video in the lift!

According to Sina News, after the two entered the lift of a residential building, the woman thought to be in her sixties seemed to,,,
I beg, I can’t type everything. Click link below to read details…

Huh...This is child abuse! Some old women dey worry oh

What do you friends say about this 'Global problem'?

Unbelievable! Now, see what else she did to the boy and watch the video...

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