Thursday, 9 March 2017

How President Buhari Inflicts Recession on Nigeria

While our so-called president revolved round the world, he paid no attention to critics arising from the economic breakdown in the country. He believes everyone is entitled to his or her own opinions. Try visiting the market places, you would be shocked to hear certain complaints on the economic instabilities. Goods tends to increase in cost price on daily basis. So many Nigerians are reduced to indulging into illegal acts to survive the struggle.

Buhari who has visited countries like South Africa, Niger, Cameroon, Germany, India, Malta explains that his trips were for the benefits of Nigeria meanwhile he had flown to London for medical treatment regarding to the infection he had on his ear. President Buhari flew to Britain early this January on a 10 day leave for medical checkup and was to return on the 6th of February. He however, wrote to the National Assembly that he wishes to extend his stay to complete his medical tests.
Buhari being a ruler and not a leader is seen as a pin in the ass of Nigerians. He has solely contributed to the current economy caused by the crash of oil prices. Our President who has formally ruled this country between 1983 and 1985 through military coups with intention to grow our made in Nigeria products. Well reverse be the case he appears vengeful trying to punish Nigerians for their mismanagement associated with the past administrations.

The Nigeria Bureau of statistics confirmed that Nigerians economy has gone into recession. President Buhari and his co-travellers has failed the country by neglecting their responsibilities as leaders. They refused to form economic team arsing from the private sectors, policy markers and economic indicators. This economic recession which has hit Nigeria from 1984-2016 associated with Buhari's reign has made the rate of hunger nothing compared to Boko-Haram attacks.

Reports has it that so many men abandoned their family as a result of this thriving issues. Buhari formally promised to reduced the price of fuels to 40naira during his campaigns. What then? Did he keep to it?
Shockingly the price of fuel has readily increased to 165naira. Things are really getting messy every break of day.

 I think President Buhari should do some time travel to study the success behind the polices of the previous administrators. Who knows things might improve or else the nation remains a land with bread and locust.
Most times, I wish The president could grab knowledge from leaders of other countries. President Barack  Obama who assumed office years back discovered that the Americans economy was a total mess. He quickly placed all hands on deck to reflect his country's economy.

Corruption becomes the country's daily challenges when the leaders of our country are intellectually incapable and unwilling to take charge if the outcome of their policies. Buhari who calls for a change needs change himself. He had succeeded in evicting some ministers and replacing them with his praise singers. I must say doom awaits this country if such incompetency thrives continuously.

"Temporary problems should not blind fold or divert us from the connective course, this government has charted for our nation. We have identified the country's salient problems and we are working hard at lasting solution, "Buhari exclaims on the Ist  October, 2016. The question remains, what is he doing to end this plague he has inflicted on Nigeria. the APC blames PDP for the numerous instabilities in the country were as for the records, economic cries are as a result of political expendency which gave power to a man with no track of managing an economy.

President Buhari not only caused recession but also practiced immunity to the law. The rule of law is meant to superceed all the citizens of the country. Alas, our so called president who possesses a barbaric nature had tampered with the rights of Nigerians. He allegedly sized a freedom fighter, Nnamdi Kalu even after he was granted bail by the judge. He went further fighting the African Union (AU) that warned him of his misconducts.

However, much is needless to be said as everything that is happening in the country were planned by our fathers in the federal government. They do these for their selfish interest thereby neglecting the poor masses. To whom much is given, much is expected, make a u-turn from your secret covens otherwise face the tumults in time come.

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