Monday, 6 March 2017

Girls Share Their Nudes For N30k On Facebook Page In Nigeria (Photos)

 You won't believe the shock I had when I discovered today that there used to be a Facebook page where Nigerian girls shared their nude photos in order to win N30,000.

The Facebook page was allegedly owned and sponsored by a Nigerian guy who is based abroad. Pictured after the cut are some of the contestants. Photos were covered up by

According to an informant who spoke to, the page was set up after its founder allegedly took advantage of a group he and another friend created on Facebook to ask girls for nudes.

When he was confronted for asking members for nudes with overwhelming evidence, he allegedly left his friend's group, and set up his where he held nude photo contests.

Thankfully, this page has long been taken down after it was reported to Facebook. However, if you are ready to have your mind blown, continue reading the self explanatory chats below.

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