Thursday, 9 March 2017

Exposed! How to Know If Your Partner Is Cheat!ng On You

For the average person, you are only wise in retrospect!

Have you ever wanted to know the real signs to look out for when in doubt of your partners faithfulness. These are signs to look out for.
When an affair breaks up, the tendency is to see it as sudden, but relationship experts are saying that no break-up is as sudden as we might want to believe it to be.

Rather, they say, the tell-tale signs have always been there and that you are either ignorant of them or you chose to ignore them.
So, what are the signs to watch out for when you partner is Cheat!ng on your relationship? Here are the clues….
• One common sign of infidelity is becoming aggressive about the idea of Cheat!ng and accusing his/her partner of being unfaithful.
• Rushing home to take a bath even when s/he hasn’t been to the gym or any sporting events; or when the weather is not hot.
• Taking phone calls late at night and speaking in low tones to achieve secrecy.
• Being vague about his/her whereabouts for long period of time. And when you do come together, s/he tells you a detailed story in which s/he gives detailed accounts of each day or hour spent away from you. This is nothing but a ploy to fool you.
• A Cheat!ng partner talks so much about that other person, even when it appears to be a criticism.
• If your partner has an unsaved phone number that s/he calls regularly, watch it.
• If they are mortified when you attempt to answer their phones, or if they hate you looking at their call logs.
• Sometimes, there are no signs, as they can let you believe that you are their world. Then you come home to an empty house with no explanation of what’s gone wrong.

• When your partner starts shaving his/her pubic hair, even when they’ve never been doing so since your relationship started.
• When s/he gets calls that need to be taken in another room or calls that go unanswered when you’re around.
• A sure sign is when s/he starts to criticise you, such as you don’t keep your hair so nice any more.
• If s/he suddenly has a new ‘friend’ on Facebook who constantly ‘likes’ everything s/he posts.
• “We are just good friends” is one explanation that greets your inquiry about this new person your partner suddenly can’t do without.
• Coming home after midnight and secretly watching him/her scrub those bits that will tell if they have been up to no good, then creeping into the bedroom thinking you have not noticed.
• We are all creatures of habit; so, when someone acts out of character, it’s probably worth looking into — that’s provided you think you know your partner well.
• Suddenly acquiring two phones that are security locked and taken everywhere.
• Gym kit not used, even though s/he’s been going to gym after work.
• Weekend ‘training courses.’
• Burning odd receipts overnight.
• Criticism of everything you do and wondering how come s/he is unlucky to have been caught in your web.
• Causing arguments and saying it’s your fault.
The bottom line: Know when to say goodbye to a relationship.
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