Monday, 13 February 2017

Mind Trilling Facts About Valentine

Lots of stories have been told of how valentines day came into existence. May be I can tell you this one. It all started  with a man known as Emperor Claudius. He restricted Roman men from getting married during war. But a bishop known as Valentine had compassion on them and performed secret wedding for them. Valentine was jailed and executed for such act.

    People however, believed that Valentine died for the love he had for Roman men and as a result Valentine is celebrated till date.

Valentine day is observed from so many perceptive as it is being regarded as :

* A day people give out love card
* A day to celebrate single status
* A time by which you remember loved ones friends, teammates
* An avenue for visiting exciting places
* Most guys see it as a time for courting a girl
* Can be a time for making love
* Lovers give flowers on that day
* Most time, guys make wedding proposals to their lovers

    Love seem to be in the air as so many girls will start imagining, what will my boo give me for val. It may shock you that millions of rose flowers are sold worldwide at val. Belief has it that roses are red and it symbolizes romance and affection. Valentine sometimes reflect on the story of Romeo and Julliet.
    Moreover, Some people see valentine as a bad luck day simply because they believe bad things happen to most youths on that day while some detest it based on their religious beliefs seeing it as something unworthy.
    Records has it that over 78% of men buy flower while 22% of women do. Lots of expenditures are pointed out to men since they seem to be the ones whose duty is to woo a lady. Thanks to nature, it was made that way.

Do's and Don't of Valentine

Perhaps you have been crushing on girl and you are kind a confused on how to ask her out on a date, it's quite simple. just follow these rules:

* You can start by sending her rose flowers and gifts, you may also invite her over for a dinner.
* If you are no gentle man, try becoming one by serving her a comfortable seat and making her delicases. Chocolates and candies can make the job a lot easier, so many girls love such treaties.
* Make her feel important by using sweet words on her but don't make the mistake of using the three magical words since its your first date.
* Don't grow wild in your discussion with her, you may piss her off. Give a break for the real event.
* Don't make the mistake of showing off, she may regard you as an idiot.
* You should have good sense of humor, make her laugh as you chat as it makes her soul warm.
* If you are gonna ask her out again, wait until the date is over and ask her politely.

Happy valentine

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