Thursday, 2 February 2017

Instagram Lady Shows Off Her Heavy Ukwu… (See Photos At Your Own Risk)




Instagram may be a social media route for you to avoid if you want to be loyal to your woman or want to generally stay away from sin due to the calibre of ladies storming the social media platforms with adult contents.

Nobody has much details about her but her account has been making more waves than the ocean current. She is simply identified as ‘Sheizbooteful’ which speaks volume of the self-acknowledgement of the heavy bumm and ‘truthful’ hips she parades.
She looks barely 21 but regardless of her age, she has created an Instagram page that is a beehive of activities due to the magnitude of booobs and bum she flaunts in pictures and videos.
According to reports, she built a page of 480,000 followers within a very short period of time before it was H@cked by tradeucers. Her new page in no time grew to about 222,000 despite being a few contents. She follows only 161 people.
Her bumm is her selling point as men heavily lust after her. She is from Atlanta, United States of America.
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