Saturday, 18 February 2017

How To Keep A Lasting Relationship With Your Man

Most ladies make lots of mistakes in relationships without knowing the adverse effects. They feel bad when their man starts misbehaving but most times they seem to be the reason for such acts.
    However, there are things you can do to make your relationship a comfortable and a long lasting one.

1. Appreciation: Most atimes, ladies find it very difficult accepting their man just the way he is. They tend to be decisive in their approach thereby making their man feel unworthy. A man feels lucky to have a woman who appreciates him despite his flaws.

2. Make him Feel Important: You do this by letting him know how much he means to you. Tell him how you adore him and value the moments you've spent with him.

3. Respect: When you show respect to your man by valuing him above all odds, he will in return do the same to you. never make the mistake of belittling your man despite his endeavours.

4. Most girls tend to over react in a relationship. they easily get jealous this can make your guy pissed off. You should give him some breathing to catch up with his friends.

5. Be Confident: Guys loves ladies who is confident of herself. Ladies try comparing themselves with other girls. They go extra-miles to imitate another by applying heavy make ups, buying expensive clothing just to impress their guy.

6. Manner of Approach: A guy loves a smart lady and a well mannered one. Ladies should treat people around her with love, care and respect.
The way you treat outsiders tells how you will treat your guy.

7. Be Romantic: There are ladies who seam unable to show romantic affections to their guy. A man loves a lady who uses sweet words on him. This make him feel warm and want to spend  most of his time with you.

8. Neglects all rumours and hear from him first: Girls are usually lured into believing cheap gossips about their man. The lady in the picture seem to react quickly to the situations thereby leaving a stigma in the mind of her man.

9. Cultivate the habit of giving your guy a chance: We are all humans and bound to make certain mistakes. Love a man accept him but if you cant accept him, try changing him. Don't push him into doing things, rather correct him with love. He will in no doubts want more of you in his life.

10. If any point is missing, Add yours..

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