Friday, 10 February 2017

Health Benefits of Garlic, Ginger and Onions - By Patogist

These flavourful foods has other relatives which includes shallot, leek, chive and rakyo. they are grown in different parts of the world such as Asia,Europe and Africa.

The trio Onions (allium Cepa), garlic (Allium satirum0 and ginger (Zingiber officinale). they serve so many beneficial purposes during the ancient times and were greatly known for their medicinal benefits. they are blood thinner which helps in regulating blood pressure and blood triglycerides.

Garlic has over times been used as a remedy to different ailments such as intestinal disorders, skin infections, respiratory problems, high blood pressure. Moreover, it has antiflammatory properties which enhances the immune system of the body.

Ginger roots which has been in the history of Asian, Arabic, Chinese traditions was recorded to promote certain healthy living such as aids in digestion, fights stomach upset, ulcer, diarrhea, helps in relieving pains, swellings, arthritis and muscular pains.

Onion bobs serves as a medium against bacterial, viral and fungal infections and a good source of antibiotics.

However, we seem to neglect these natural source of medicine as a result of the smell it causes to our mouth. He put aside thought like that and look forward to its benefits.These trio can as well add flavour to our meals and are highly nutritious as it enchnaces a healthy living thereby reducing high expenditure on drugs.

Other Important Benefits.

Respiration enhancement: Someone who has challenges of asthma should eat at least three ounces of garlic as it enhances the breathing efficiency. Garlic does this by saftening the lungs to the nose.

Reduces Cancer: Garlic which has 33 sulphur content of the compounds allin, allicin, ojoene helps the body system. ginger and garlic helps fight cancerous growth to the minimum. The allin contents in garlic, when assimilated into the body makes the room unfit for cancer.

Fight high blood pressure: A good number of people all over the world suffer from this treacherous aliment. This high blood pressure in-turn cause hypertension, strokes. Why not eat Garlic and reduce loss of lives.

The trio for meal: Onions, ginger and garlic serves as a spice in stews meat, tomato sauce. The trio being a natural spice is beneficial instead of the artificially made ones which does a lot of harm than good in our daily intake.

Body Cleaner: The trio serves as an effective body cleanser, it purges the internal body system, fight various disease and makes the body system immune against other visible diseases.

The Trio - my chewing gum: Just as you find it very easy chewing gum try making garlic, ginger and onion one of them. it combats toothache and kills germs which cause damage to the teeth.

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