Friday, 27 January 2017

Diamond Bank FUTO Has No Respect For Students


I have come to a conclusion that The Federal University of Technology, Owerri is the worst institution in  Nigeria. This has been happening for years and mouth has been shut so as not to get into trouble  with the school management.

This is my third  year in school and what I have seen since I got admitted in 2014 is unbelievable.

I still don't understand why Futo is yet to have another bank/banks, even where the bank is located is  far from school.

I was in Diamond bank earlier this week, and I saw the way students are been treated like kids, imagine if you don't have an ATM card you wont be allowed to use withdrawer slip  except if you are withdrawing from 15000 thousand and above. I was just wondering why Futo diamond  bank will make such decision, I thought they were joking until I heard them scream at a student, "Will you get out from my side" You know student na, them go like form, the guy was fact, he was speechless.

I went to the counter and asked him why they made such decision

" If the cash you are withdrawing is below 15000 , you will have to give a good explanation on why you don't want to use your ATM Card. If your explanation is good enough  then good for you but if its not a genuine my  brother just go and borrow money from  your friends"

This was the reply i got

My brother things are happening o, We really need government intervention on this matter. Futo is the only school that has just one bank . Just imagine na..

Again, I was in the bank and I saw the way the security man was insulting a student not even just a student a customer for that matter,  forgetting that without us (students) Diamond bank wont exist in Futo. Am 100 % sure if other banks are approved in Futo almost all the students will withdraw their money from there.

Frustration Under Tension, Owerri, Futo as its  called,  you are  really causing us pain, To withdraw is a problem, to complain about our lost card or anything is another problem because they wont listen us. Please I want this matter to be resolved as soon as possible.No vex if my grammar has K leg, Na the way the take frustrate me na him I use write.

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