Thursday, 19 January 2017

After This Beautiful Lady Announces She Needs a Boyfriend for Valentine,This Happened (Photos)

 A young lady who went on Twitter to seek a date for valentine as the period draws nearer, has been exposed after telling a lie.
The young lady identified as Chef Obubu on Twitter stormed her page to ask for a Valentine date.
While subtly making the request, she told her followers that she’d never called anyone “scum” before and so should stand a chance because of that.
Below is what she tweeted:
However, her followers who did not agree with her statement that she had never called anyone scum before decided to prove she is lying.
Many of them went back to dig her past tweets showing that she had called men scum before.
Below are some of her statements from the past which were dug out:
Another even accused her of trying to reverse her past statements just because of Valentine

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