Sunday, 13 November 2016

Popular Kenya TV Girl Says She’s Still a V!rg!n, But No One Believes Her (Photos + Video)

A Kenyan ex-TV presenter Elizabeth Irungu, has made people scream in disbelief  after she sensationally claimed that she is a V!rg!n.

During an interview, Elizabeth, a social media influencer had been asked if she uses a condom during S3@.x:’, to which she replied  “I don’t indulge in premarital S3@.x:’, I’m a V!rg!n,” she said.

Elizabeth, has previously been known for her Raunc#y posts and photos, which, according to local media makes her claim absurd. She says her posts are just people’s experiences which she appropriates as hers.

The former TV star had once posted a photo with her boyfriend in bed in what she claimed were after S3@.x:’ selfies.

See Video below

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