Monday, 21 November 2016

Guys, See 5 S-ex Positions Your Girl Friend Secretly Hate But Afraid to Say It

Here are some of the s*x positions most women secretly hate but find it very difficult to tell their partners.

According to a Sun Uk report, there are some s*x positions that put most women off but they find it difficult to voice it out.
The report further revealed that a survey of more than 1,200 Women’s Health readers indicates that these five s*x positions are a complete turnoff.
Here are the top five worst s*x positions for women.
1. Doggy Style
It may have been voted Britain’s favourite s*x position, but it’s a no for the ladies.
The women surveyed confessed that it just doesn’t feel intimate enough for their liking, leaving them feeling slightly turned off.
2. Cowgirl
The ‘Woman On Top’ isn’t doing it for the ladies either .
Apparently it can kill her mood because she feels self-conscious.
The angle of this one puts her stomach and B00bs on show to her lover – so can make her feel ‘on display’.
Switching positions may be best if your woman doesn’t feel her $exiest.
3. Reverse cowgirl
This one may increase your arousal but ladies don’t seem so keen as they are less likely to climax.
There’s also a warning label here for men: it’s one of the most dangerous s*x positions for you guys – and you do risk damaging your willy.
4. Missionary
Ye old faithful, but it’s bad news for guys with small schlongs as you’re unlikely to hit the right spot.
This position doesn’t work wonders for maximising your Pen!s size, but a twist on this classic can make all the difference.
Try using the coital alignment technique (CAT) s*x position – also known as “grinding the corn” – to boost enjoyment all round.
CAT is pretty similar to missionary but the man is positioned slightly higher, allowing for more stimulation.
5. 69
This is one to bin, lads. Most ladies would rather not perform 0ral s*x at the same time as receiving it – it means they can’t concentrate as much on their own enjoyment.
According to the survey, this manoeuvre also lacks intimacy and can feel impersonal.

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